About us

Company BV MUSIC Ltd. was established in 1994 as a retail and wholesale dealing with imports and sales of musical instruments and lighting equipment. In 1998 we expanded our work to the professional lighting and sounding while our portfolio has spread wide into

  • design and installation of sound,
  • design and installation of lighting,
  • ceiling sound,
  • installation of discotheques on the key
  • sounding and lighting of live concerts
  • discos and balls,
  • sports and social events.

Constantly improving the technology and ameliorating our services, we have gradually established themselves in the Slovak Republic and since 2001 also on the foreign market.

Our activities are expanded at the Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Serbian market, where we cooperate with leading music agencies.

Periodically since 2005, we are members of the largest Southeast Europe music festival EXIT, where we make sound and light system for MAIN DJ STAGE.


Our services since 2003, are exclusively used by the slovak group NO-NAME.

Our Company BV Music Ltd. currently offers

Sounding of social events, balls, ceremonies, fashion shows, live sound concerts, festivals, concert tours implementation, lighting of events and concerts, sporting events, corporate presentations, exhibitions and marketing activities, hiring a professional sound and lighting equipment with operating stuff, renting and construction of stages according to your wishes, rent and building roofs; rent of large LED screen, videoprojection, audio and video recordings, the proposal of scene, sound and lighting for your event, installation of hard sound on the key

Treating of offers and information

Ing. Peter Gajdoš
e-Mail: peter.gajdos@bvmusic.sk
cell: +421 917 614 259


Contact on BV MUSIC Ltd.


BV MUSIC s.r.o. - sídlo spoločnosti
Varšavská 4
040 13 Košice

BV MUSIC s.r.o. - office
Pri Bitúnku 11
040 01 Košice


Ing. Peter Gajdoš
e-Mail: peter.gajdos@bvmusic.sk
mobil: +421 905 616 233

Executive Director

Ing. Ľuboš Slemenský
e-Mail: lubos.slemensky@bvmusic.sk
mobil: +421 948 519 521

Technical Director

Ing. Ladislav Kočík
e-Mail: ladislav.kocik@bvmusic.sk
mobil: +421 915 512 118

Marketing Manager

Ing. Silvia Slemenská
e-Mail: silvia.slemenska@bvmusic.sk

Technical Services

Ing. Michal Tomečko
e-Mail: michal.tomecko@bvmusic.sk

Contact BV Music Agency


BV Music Agency - office
(Spoločenský Pavilón)
Tr. SNP 61
040 11 Košice
e-Mail: bvmusic@bvmusic.sk


Ing. Dušan Tury
e-Mail: dusan.tury@bvmusic.sk
mobil: +421 905 209 195

Treating of offers and information

Ing. Ladislav Kočík
e-Mail: ladislav.kocik@bvmusic.sk
mobil: +421 915 512 118
  • JBL
  • digidesign
  • Soundcraft
  • crown
  • sennheiser
  • nivtec flexibel
  • ChamSys
  • Martin
  • SGM lighting group
  • BlackMagicDesign
  • datavideo
  • Apple


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